The Google Camera or well known as the GCam APK is one of the best camera tiện ích available for app android phones. This is the default Camera available on pixel Phones which is developed by Google but now this can be installed on almost all app android phones.

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The image processing algorithm of the Google Camera apk is so strong that other developers have created port or thủ thuật of this one, which works on almost all other apk phones out there.

This is the ultimate Google Camera Port Hub which always provides the latest version và has more than 250 compatible devices in the list. Browse and download a compatible GCam game android port from this hub & experience the magic by yourself!

Our collection is the biggest in comparison to the GCam app android ports found on XDA-Developers or Celso Azevedo’s blog. You can tìm kiếm the entire portfolio of apps try it on your own phone khổng lồ believe.

The whole credit goes to lớn the developers like: BSG, Arnova8G2, Parrot043, Wichaya, Wyroczen, Nikita, Urnyx05, Zoran và all others who tirelessly bring these mod android of Google Camera for all game android phones.

A humble Request to All GCam UsersWe try to donate as much as possible to lớn our developers from the money we earn from this website. We strive to vì chưng so khổng lồ make the developers’ efforts reachable to lớn everyone at the same time appreciating their efforts.We request all our users to lớn donate as little or as much they can towards their efforts.


What features make the Google Camera tiện ích so good?

You get features like Portrait mode, Astrophotography, vị trí cao nhất Shot, Night Sight, fast shutter button etc. On a GCam port.

Well, the modded android port of GCam (or even the original one) has a lot of other features as well, which are listed below:

HDR+ (enhanced HDR) – Night Sight on Portrait mode (8.2.204 and later)Video stabilization modes (version 8.1.101 and later)Object portrait mode (lens blur)Integrated Google photos và Google lensFrequent facesSupports up to lớn a 60X zoom (only on the Google Camera port)4k 60 FPS đoạn phim recordingRAW image capture

Some Shots from This App

Before you install any GCam app android on your phone, you may like to see what kind of images people have captured on their app android smartphones.

Is it really worth the hype?

Google Camera Image Samples Gallery

Where to download Google Camera android Port?

Try it on your phone lớn believe it, simple as that!

In this hub you get all available GCam game android ports from various developers. You can scroll down through the list và try one or all of these khổng lồ find the best suitable android port of Google camera for your phone.

Latest GCam game android port Version khổng lồ Download

<Updated on October 09, 2021>

– Added the latest GCam 8.3 apk built by Shamim

– Added the latest GCam 8.3 game android port built by MWP which is primarily built for Google px phones (look at the end of the download list)

– Added the latest Google Camera 8.3 android port built by BSG which is still in BETA

– Added Google Camera 8.3 app android port built by Arnova8G2

– Added two Google Camera 8.3 APK ports made by al_ro và PitbulL, which are only compatible on apk 10 và later. These are the initial versions of the port so, please keep in mind that these may not be up lớn the mark in term of performance lượt thích the older versions. (look at the kết thúc of the tải về list)

– Added GCam 8.3 unmodified stock game android which only works on API 30 which is apk 11 và later. Also, as this is not a gian lận or a port, this may only work on Google pixel phones & no other device. (look at the kết thúc of the download list)

As of now the GCam 8.2 và 8.1 both work on game android 11, and Android 10. If you have a phone running on apk 9 or older, then you should try some of the older versions.

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Google Camera 8.3 tải về from various Developers

Google Camera 8.3 by BSG: tải về LinkGoogle Camera 8.3 by Arnova8G2: download LinkGoogle Camera 8.3 by al_ro: tải về LinkGoogle Camera 8.3 by MWP: tải về LinkGoogle Camera 8.3 by PitbulL: tải về LinkGoogle Camera 8.3 by Shamim: download LinkGoogle Camera 8.3 Stock APK: download Link

Google Camera 8.2 download from various Developers

GCam 8.2 phầm mềm by BSG: download LinkGCam 8.2 phầm mềm by al_ro: download LinkGCam 8.2 phầm mềm by Parrot043: tải về LinkGCam 8.2 phầm mềm by Greatness: tải về LinkGCam 8.2 tiện ích by the_dise: download LinkGCam 8.2 ứng dụng by MWP: tải về LinkGCam 8.2 app by PitbulL: tải về Link

Older Version downloads

Below are the older Google Camera app available from various developers which are stable enough và works well on many devices.

Version 7.4 for Exynos Phones:Zoran’s ZGCam port usually works for Exynos based phones. Download LinkVersion 7.3 & 7.4 by Arnova8G2: download Link tải về Link

Version 7.3 và 7.4 by BSG: download Link download LinkVersion 7.3 and 7.4 by Nikita: tải về LinkVersion 7.3 and 7.4 by Parrot043: download Link download LinkGCam 7.4 by PitbulL: download LinkGCam 7.3 by wyroczen: tải về LinkGCam 7.3 by Urnyx05: tải về LinkDownload one of the Google Camera android for your phone & see how good or bad it is in comparison lớn the stock camera app.

For low end phone the GCam game android port may not work, so you need to tải về the Camera Go app.

Device Specific Google Camera tiện ích Download

Find the specific OEM, device and a working port of this Camera apk by Google from the below list.

Google Camera android for asus PhonesModel nameCompatible GCam APK
ROG Phone 2GCam Download
Zenfone 3GCam Download
Zenfone 5zGCam Download
Zenfone 6GCam Download
Zenfone Max Plus M2GCam Download
Zenfone 7 / ProGCam Download
Zenfone Max Pro M1GCam Download
Zenfone Max Pro M1GCam Download
Asus Rog 5Download Link
Asus Rog Phone 5 ProDownload Link

GCam Port for đen Shark PhonesModel nameCompatible Port to lớn Download
Black Shark 2Download Link
Black Shark 3Download Link
Black Shark 3 ProDownload Link
Black Shark 3SDownload Link
Black Shark 4 / ProDownload Link

Google PixelDownload 1Download 2Download 3
Google px XLDownload 1Download 2
Google px 2Download 1Download 2
Google px 2 XLDownload 1Download 2
Google pixel 3Download 1Download 2
Google px 3 XLDownload 1Download 2
Google pixel 3aDownload 1Download 2

Huawei/Honor GenericGCam gian lận for Huawei
Honor Play 4Download Link
Honor Play 4 ProDownload Link
Honor V6Download Link
Huawei Mate 10Download Link
Huawei Nova 5TDownload Link
Huawei P30 ProDownload Link
Huawei Y7 2019Download Link

Infinix Hot 9 PlayDownload Link
Infinix Hot 9 ProDownload Link
Infinix note 7Download Link
Infinix cảnh báo 7 LiteDownload Link

Google Camera ứng dụng for Le PhonesModel nameCompatible GCam APK
Le Max 2Download

GCam port for Lenovo PhonesModel nameCompatible GCam APK
Lenovo K6 NoteGCam download 1GCam tải về 2
Lenovo K6 PowerGCam download 1GCam download 2GCam download 3
Lenovo K10 PlusGCam Download
Lenovo K13 NoteGCam for Lenovo K13 Note
Lenovo Legion ProGCam Download
Lenovo Legion 2 ProDownload Link
Lenovo S5GCam Download
Lenovo Tab P11 ProGCam Download
Lenovo Z5sGCam Download

LG G6Download Link
LG G8 ThinQDownload Link
LG G8X ThinQDownload Link
LG Q61Download Link
LG V30Download Link
LG VelvetDownload Link

GCam port for Motorola Phones

Motorola GCam download List

Google Camera for hãng nokia Phones

Nokia GCam download List

GCam port for OnePlus Phones

OnePlus GCam tải về List

GCam port for smarphone oppo Phones

Oppo GCam download List

Google Camera for Razer PhonesModel nameCompatible GCam APK
Razer Phone 2GCam Download

GCam port for Realme Phones

Visit the following links to get compatible ported Google Camera updates for all:

Realme GCam download List

Google Camera android for Samsung Phones

Visit the following links that contains a huge danh sách of compatible Google Camera ports (GCam APK) for Samsung phones based on Snapdragon or Exynos chipsets:

Samsung GCam tải về List

Google Camera ứng dụng for Sony Phones

The following page contains a list of compatible ports of Google Camera (GCam APK) for all Sony devices:

Sony GCam tải về List

Google Camera for Umidigi PhonesModel nameCompatible GCam APK
UMIDIGI A5 ProGCam Download
UMIDIGI BisonGCam Download
UMIDIGI S3 ProGCam Download
Google Camera for Vivo Phones

Visit the following page khổng lồ get a danh sách of compatible Google Camera apps (GCam APK) available for specific Vivo phones:

Vivo GCam download List

Google Camera app android port for xiaomi Phones

Visit the next liên kết that contains all available compatible Google Camera (GCam APK) versions for different Xiaomi, Mi, Redmi and Poco phones:

Xiaomi GCam tải về List

Google Camera for ZTE PhonesModel nameCompatible GCam APK
ZTE Axon 10 ProDownload Link
ZTE Axon 20 5GDownload Link
ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 5GDownload Link
ZTE Blade 10 SmartDownload Link
ZTE Blade 11 PrimeDownload Link
ZTE Blade trăng tròn SmartDownload Link
ZTE Blade VDownload Link
ZTE Blade V10Download Link
ZTE Nubia Red Magic 6RGCam for Nubia Red Magic 6R
ZTE Nubia Red Magic LiteDownload Link
ZTE Nubia Z30 ProGCam for Nubia Z30 Pro
ZTE Nubia Z20Download Link
ZTE S30 / ProDownload Link
ZTE S30 SEDownload Link

Download one of the GCam app android port from above links for your phone và see how good or bad it is in comparison lớn the stock camera app.

If you don’t find your phone in this hub, you can leave a phản hồi and I will try to lớn get a working android port of Google Camera for your phone!

Visit the Mod game android page to get gian lận games and premium apk apps for free.

Some FAQs about the Google Camera APK

Often people get confused between the mod app android of Google Camera và the official GCam ứng dụng found on px phones.Ideally, most of the applications available out there are usable on any game android phone but this is not the case with this camera application.

Let’s look at some of the FAQs asked by people about the Google Camera Port.

Basically abbreviated for Google Camera, is the Camera tiện ích that is exclusively available on Google px phones.

Yes it is! People have downloaded these APKs million times và there is no report of any malicious code in any of the Google Camera port built by any developers.

Well, it is Yes và No. The features makes it the best camera ứng dụng for Android. As it is widely available as a gian lận version, not all features work on all the phones. If it works on your phone, it can create magic with the images it produces.

Because it is primarily designed khổng lồ work only on pixel phones. Whatever we danh sách here, are just Google Camera ports. There are many ports of GCam from many developers. You can try one from the below danh sách to see if it works on your phone!

As I said earlier not a single port of GCam ứng dụng works on all phones. Below are the different ports available from various developer, which you can try on your phone.