How To Fake Gps For Pokémon Go On Iphone

“I want to nhái GPS for Pokemon Go on my iOS, but I can’t find any working app! Can someone please tell me how khổng lồ change my location on Pokemon Go without stepping out?”

This is a query posted by a curious Pokemon Go user who wants lớn change his location on the gaming app. Since Pokemon Go requires us to go out và explore different places to catch Pokemons, a lot of people look for ways lớn change their locations. You can also vày the same & level up your profile using nhái GPS for Pokemon Go on iOS. To bởi vì this, you can take the assistance of a VPN or a dedicated location spoofing app. In this guide, I will teach you how to use kém chất lượng GPS for tiện ích ios on Pokemon Go in three different ways.

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Solution 1: fake Pokemon Go location/GPS on iPhone using a movement simulator

Really, it is challenging lớn work on the quả táo platform. For example, my friend Harry finds it difficult to nhái GPS Pokemon Go iOS. He was able khổng lồ make it up in android devices but failed with iPhone. A number of failed attempts led him to annoy with Pokemon Go game on iPhone. He used to switch on app android phone lớn play Pokemon Go trò chơi with virtual location & automate moves settings.

Luckily, the process to giả GPS Pokemon Go quả táo is simple with Dr.Fone app. The ‘Virtual Location’ option in this tiện ích makes the procedure easy. You can simulate the automatic moves on the virtual location path precisely with the help of this incredible movement simulating ứng dụng Dr.Fone.

The systematic stepwise process to kém chất lượng Pokemon Go Location/GPS is as follows:

Download for PCDownload for Mac

4,039,074 people have downloaded it

Step 1: Load the app

You have to type in the official trang web of Dr.Fone to tải về the app in accordance with your OS version. Then, click the ‘Install’ button khổng lồ trigger the wizard of successful installation of this ứng dụng in your PC. Now connect your iPhone with your PC.


Step 2: Change the GPS location

You can now giả GPS Pokemon Go quả táo by tapping ‘Virtual Location’ option at the trang chủ screen of Dr.Fone. It triggers another window.


Step 3: Choose the fake location

Hit ‘Get started’ button to select a fake location on the bản đồ view of Dr.Fone app. You must select the ‘Teleport’ mode at the top right side of the window & it stands third in the line of icons. It is enough if you make a tap on any desired spot on the bản đồ or enter the desired address at the text box on the đứng đầu left side of the window.


Step 4: View the fake location

In the Dr.Fone app map view, you have set the virtual location successfully. You can find out the current location indicator points out your desired location address precisely. If there is any controversy in the new location, then go back and change the address again.


Step 5: kém chất lượng GPS location on the iPhone map

Now, open the current location on your iPhone. You can view the new virtual address as a current location.


The Dr.Fone ứng dụng has successfully modified the location settings on the iPhone. You now have faked GPS Pokemon Go game ios successfully using this app.

What’s more, there are two modes of movement simulation available with the Dr.Fone app. You can implement virtual moves between the desired spots on the virtual location of the maps while playing your favourite Pokemon Go game.


The first mode assists you khổng lồ move between two spots, whereas the second mode helps you to move between multiple spots on map.


Solution 2: fake Pokemon Go Location/GPS on iPhone using a VPN

To start with, I will list the technique that I use to giả GPS for Pokemon Go on iOS. Ideally, a Virtual Private Network is an intermediate entity that hides the original IP address of your device & lets you access the internet with a virtual address. Apart from adding an extra layer of security, it also lets us change our current location. Thankfully, there are readily available VPN apps on game ios that you can use to lớn change your location. Some of the most reliable VPNs for iPhone are Nord VPN, Express VPN, IP Vanish, Pure VPN, Hola VPN, và so on.

While selecting the VPN, please lưu ý the available locations that it provides (its danh mục of servers). Also, consider using a VPN that provides không lấy phí trial duration so that you can be a judge of it yourself before going premium. For instance, Nord VPN is one of the most reliable apps that will spoof your location securely. This is the most reliable option lớn use Pokemon Go iOS nhái GPS as it will not let the gaming phầm mềm detect its presence.

Step 1. Firstly, go khổng lồ the ứng dụng Store và just install the Nord VPN ứng dụng (or any other VPN) on your device. Make sure that Pokemon Go is closed & not running the background now.

Step 2. Launch the Nord VPN app và log-in to your user tài khoản (or create a new account). It will display a maps with the listing of its servers. You can just tap on the location of your choice và connect khổng lồ it.


Step 3. Alternatively, you can also go to the VPN’s settings to lớn see the danh mục of the available servers. From here, just pick the country or đô thị of your choice & change your location.


Similarly, you can also use any other VPN phầm mềm as well to kém chất lượng GPS on Pokemon ios without much trouble.


No jailbreak neededSecure và would prevent your Pokemon Go trương mục suspension


Not không tính tiền (most of the VPNs require monthly/yearly paid subscriptions)

Solution 3: Use a Spoofer to giả Pokemon Go Location/GPS on iPhone

Unlike apk devices, there is no simple way lớn use a spoofer on an iPhone. For instance, on game android devices, we can just take the assistance of a mock location tiện ích for this purpose. You can use a direct iOS nhái GPS tiện ích for Pokemon Go if you have a jailbroken device. Though, if your device is not jailbroken, then you can take the assistance of iTools. It is a desktop ứng dụng that would let you change the virtual location on your iPhone. But this phầm mềm cannot support iOS 13 or later versions.

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One of the best things about iTools is that the location spoofer is pretty safe và hardly gets detected by Pokemon Go. The only problem is that it is a bit inconvenient for users to lớn connect their iPhone to the system whenever they wish to spoof their location. If you are ready khổng lồ undergo so much effort, then consider this solution to fake GPS for Pokemon Go on iOS.

Step 1. Go to the official website of iTools by ThinkSky and tải về the desktop application. The không lấy phí trial version would let you change your location three times only – after that you need to lớn buy a premium account.

Step 2. Once the application is installed, connect your iPhone lớn the system & launch iTools on it. Presently, iTools only supports major iPhone models running on tiện ích ios 12 or older versions.

Step 3. After when the application would detect your iPhone, it will display its details on the screen. From here, just click on the “Virtual Location” feature on the screen. Just make sure that you trust the connected computer on your phone & grant the application the needed permissions.

Step 4. This will launch a map-like interface on the screen that you can browse freely. Just go the location of your choice and drop the pin. Click on the “Move Here” button to lớn save your location. You can even remove your iPhone and choose lớn keep the simulation running khổng lồ retain the location.


Step 5. Afterward, just launch Pokemon Go on your device and access the new location. If you want to lớn change the location again, then connect it to lớn iTools. If you want khổng lồ stop the location spoofing & go back khổng lồ your original location, then click on the “Stop Simulation” button on the map.



Runs without jailbreakYou can go khổng lồ any location of your choice


Paid (plans start from $5 a month)There are chances of getting your tài khoản detainedOnly supports devices running on tiện ích ios 12 & previous versions (no quả táo 13 support as of now)

Solution 4: Install Pokemon GO++ to kém chất lượng Pokemon Go Location/GPS on iPhone

Pokemon Go++ is an advanced version of the original ứng dụng (not developed by Niantic) available for jailbroken devices. Therefore, if your iPhone is not jailbroken, then you can skip this method or jailbreak it beforehand. Ideally, Pokemon Go++ is a tweaked or modified version of the original app that gives us several other benefits. For instance, you can use it to giả GPS location for quả táo Pokemon Go, walk faster, & access more hacks. Since Pokemon Go++ is not available on the tiện ích Store, you can use any third-party installer like Cydia or Tutu phầm mềm to get it.

Step 1. Unlock your jailbroken device và install the latest version of the Tutu app on it. Consider it as an tiện ích Store for the modified or tweaked quả táo apps for jailbroken devices.

Step 2. Once Tutu app is installed, launch it, and look for the Pokemon Go++ ứng dụng from here. Beforehand, make sure the usual Pokemon Go ứng dụng is already uninstalled from your iPhone.


Step 3. After downloading Pokemon Go++ app, tap on the “Install” button & grant the phầm mềm the needed permissions to complete the installation.


Step 4. That’s it! Once the Pokemon Go++ app is installed, launch it, & log-in lớn your Pokemon Go account. Khổng lồ change the location, go to lớn its settings, & turn on the “Fake Location” feature. You can also access the radar feature lớn pin your new location on the map.


You can change your location multiple times using the native interface of Pokemon Go++ without any trouble.


Easy to use


Needs jailbreakingMight get your trương mục suspended

There you go! Now when you know about three different ways to fake GPS for Pokemon Go on iOS, you can easily be a Poke-master in no time. As you can see, there are solutions to kém chất lượng GPS location on ios Pokemon Go for both jailbroken và standard devices. Though, you should make sure that Pokemon Go won’t detect that you are spoofing the location. It will give you three strikes before closing your account. Therefore, you would still have enough time và chances lớn try either of these solutions to nhái GPS for Pokemon Go on iOS. Go ahead & try some of these methods và let us know about your Pokemon Go hacks as well!

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