Tạo Khung Viền Border Đẹp Trong Word

Word 2013 documents can be modified and edited khổng lồ a surprising degree, & most of the parts of the page that you can see can be edited in one way or another.

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You can also use the tools available to you within Word to add new page elements, such as a page border. There are even multiple styles & types of borders that you can add to your Word document, so check out our guide below khổng lồ begin adding your own page borders.

Inserting Page Borders in Microsoft Word 2013

These directions are specifically for the 2013 version of Microsoft Word. Directions for earlier versions of Microsoft Word might vary. For example, you can learn about adding page borders in Word 2010 here.

Step 1: open your document in Word 2013.

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Step 2: Click the Design tab at the vị trí cao nhất of the window.


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