Phim first love hàn quốc

Young, miễn phí and madly in love. As teenagers, the world was their oyster — but as adults, their lives seem dimmer, lượt thích a very important piece is missing.

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A teenage Yae shyly plans a date with Harumichi. In the present, she receives a sweet gift from a special someone.


Back in 2001, Yae moves lớn a tiny apartment in Tokyo, while Harumichi trains with the Air Defense Force. Tsuzuru can’t seem to lớn take his mind off Uta.


Back in her snowy hometown as a young girl, Yae excitedly opens a package from overseas. In the present, she texts Harumichi during her lunch break.


A teenage Harumichi invites Yae over to lớn his house, where she meets his bubbly family. In the present, Harumichi attempts lớn explain himself to Tsunemi.

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A young mom in her lavish home, Yae seems khổng lồ be living the ideal life. At Northern Lights Building, a barely recovered Harumichi shows up for work.


Distracted, Yae misses an exit on the highway and her drunk passenger gets upset. A few years back, Harumichi prepares for his mission khổng lồ Iraq.


Back in rural Hokkaido, the two young lovebirds make a promise lớn each other on a snowy hilltop. In the present, Tsunemi tries on a wedding dress.


Early in the morning, a teenage Yae heads to lớn Kitami in order lớn take a mock exam. In the present, she fondly looks back at old memories.

Hikari MitsushimaTakeru SatohRikako YagiTaisei KidoKahoMinamiAkiyoshi NakaoTowa ArakiAoi YamadaGaku HamadaOsamu MukaiArata IuraKyoko Koizumi

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