Five years ago So Ji Sub và Gong Hyo Jin gifted us with The Master’s Sun, an adorable love story that would remind you why it is worth to become a K-drama fan.

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In the sea of dramas where stories are usually woven from the rich-boy-poor-girl love affair or the male-pretending-lead-girl, a you-and-me-against-the-ghosts love story hit all the romantic nerves of drama fans with its comic spooky vibes.


Title: The Master’s SunDistributor: SBSTheme: Romance, Comedy, ThrillerLength: 17 EpisodesBroadcast Date: 07 Aug 2013 – 03 Oct 2017Main Leads: So Ji Sub, Gong Hyo JinHighlights: Refreshing & Polished Rom-Com, Zesty NarrativeOh No Moments: Lengthening KickOverall Rating: 
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The Hong sisters made sure to be back with a cốt tông candy vengeance after the disappointing stint in Big. They have created the perfect lead man và heroine to lớn score a romance frequently seen in K-dramaland & yet watching them together would make you ask for MORE.

The Master’s Sun brings the rich-boy-plain-girl romance in a whole new level as Tae-yang và Joong-won fully understand the extent of how much emotions they can invest in each other. So refreshingly done & yet so polished.


Quick Recap

A once promising student, Tae Gong-shil was called “Tae-yang” <Miss Tae, a word pun on ‘sun’ & ‘miss’ – ed.> when she was studying because of her brilliant mind, but she unfortunately meets an accident và wakes up to lớn a creepy ability of seeing wandering spirits. For years, it causes her to live a hard life as ghost after ghost comes to ask favors for their souls to lớn be at peace. Alcohol intoxication is also a no-no because a spirit can take over her body toàn thân if she’s drunk. She lives as if waking up in a hospital, a jail or even a tomb is but normal, until she meets the person who will change her life.

A rich conglomerate businessman, Joo Joong-won has only been living to lớn make his affluent self even richer. Having an estranged relationship with his father because of a trauma from his past, he has built a cold exterior that no one can get through… until he meets Gong-shil.

In one of Gong-shil’s spirit-favor-operation, she hitches at Joong-won’s oto when his driver is blinded by lightning. Not really wanting to lớn give a ride khổng lồ the weird girl in that stormy night, Joong-won is forced to lớn oblige when she fearfully screams as a ghost appeared before her. They stop at a place lớn calm down the frightened Tae-yang, & when a ghost tries lớn chase her, she realizes that when she touches Joong-won, the ghost vanishes.

Having found a way lớn shelter herself from the spirit attacks, she decides lớn work at Joong-won’s mall as a cleaning lady. Gong-shil’s ghost-seeing ability has put her in situations that makes her interact with snob Joong-won when he needs her help for a land he intends to lớn buy. Without him realizing it, Joong-won falls in love with her because of their casper-ish adventures. Although Gong-shil feels the same way, her woes of putting him in danger because of her strange ability hinders her in staying in his arms.


Why You Should Watch It If You Haven’t

Although there’s a lengthening kick in the final stretch, The Master’s Sun has given a lot of elating moments & back-to-when-I-had-my-first-love heart fluttering reminiscence. In a way the calculated but not false-hope promising story pace has made me join the lead love couple in discovering the reasons why they fell in love with each other, alongside why they are in denial and scared to admit it.

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A thắm thiết comedy needs a “hook factor” to lớn keep a loyal following. When you have a stubborn romantic lead man who with-and-without amnesia knows how to lớn claim the heart of the woman he loves và a heroine who struggles in confusion to lớn the path on how she is supposed lớn love her man, it will give you a love tale full of acceptance and understanding.

When I learned that So Ji Sub oppa will be in this drama, it was already a done khuyến mãi for me even if it would turn out bad. So seeing him make those boyish smiles, mischievous smiles, flirty smiles, melting smiles & all the rest of the smiles và grins he made in the drama healed me & made and see life in a bright light with hearts perpetually floating in the air.

The on-screen chemistry with Gong Hyo Jin really worked out well. Her chameleon demeanor easily creates a vibrant, lasting character that complements the love tale prince. I gasped, blushed, giggled and cried over the love admittance push-and-pull & jedi-mindtricking by the lead love couple.

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The Master’s Sun has always been consistent with its cliff-hangers. It is so caffeinated lượt thích that feeling when you are in the beginning of a relationship, & you don’t want a night to end và yet you want another day lớn begin.

All throughout the series, they have established the main conflict involving Hee-joo while inserting those other ghost cases in building up the circumstances that help in making Joong-won & Gong-shil get closer & that sweet finale episode seals their beautiful romance with a passionate kiss.

True, there were some insertions which were never explained, but Joong-won has made me just disregard those lapses. The supporting cast & the side love stories are also neatly included and they didn’t pull a make-believe transition towards its finale. While it goes lớn the amnesia cliché, it didn’t make it look like the story is stuck somewhere. It goes strong in portraying how even without his memories of her, his connection with her is somehow still intact and his reflexes helping him to fathom what và who he was supposed khổng lồ be missing.

The Master’s Sun nicely blended the romance which showed the love pairing growing together while understanding why they both need each other. It impresses with life và love lessons on how being in a relationship is not half-loving yourself and half-loving the other person. It should be loving the person with all you can.

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